In 2018, SV Hillegom launched an example of the same successful action by SV Concordia to gather football pictures of all club members.
For this purpose, a photo was taken of all members and printed on sticker plates. An album was also presented to all members to collect these pictures. The pictures were sold by a local supermarket with an amount of groceries.
To collect the pictures, most members used paper or spreadsheets on the computer.


I thought that should be easier or more readable. For this I created a simple web application, with log-in functionality so that I could keep track of my personal file on every computer with internet.
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This is how the page was presented.
After login this is the edit page.

Main features

  • Database for picture numbers.
  • Password protected editing function.
  • Edit functions; Add missing pictures, swap pictures, edit multiple pictures (add; new ones and duplicates plus amounts).