Ever since I discovered the computer, I have been fascinated by everything that it has made possible.

The beginning

In the beginning it was the VIC 20 from Commodore. A nice step but then only for games. Later, I took my first steps in programming in Basic. Soon this was not enough for me and I replaced it fot the Commodore 64 instead. Many more options and also a printer and floppy station. back then only with bulletin boards as a connection to the outside world.


When the first PC's became affordable, I was quickly  in buying  one. The many additional possibilities such as word processing (then still with wordperfect) quickly caught the attention.


When the internet came and I discovered the endless possibilities, the first ADSL connection was an indispensable discovery. The games were a nice distraction at that time because you could play unlimited online and the world became a bit bigger through online gaming.


More and more programs received more attention from me, for example the office programs, and the various programs for genealogy. I kept discovering more and more.


Computer programming

Now that it also received increasing attention in society and became indispensable, it was clear that self-programming had become a "must do". So I decided that deepening myself in this wouldn't be a bad choice. For the first time I started to make programs, websites as well my own programs, I decided to explore the world.


In the articles I will describe a few things what I have discovered so far, lots of reading pleasure!