Welcome on my genealogical webpage. First I will try to explain my objectives. Due to lack of time I only do my searches on the Internet in sources which are open to everyone in the future I shall visit townhalls and archives to make my search more complete.

Since I started 4 years ago , I already found a lot of information about relatives at the Internet, also through reunions I learned a lot of my heritage as last year the reunion of the family Swart.

The main names I'm looking for are Onstenk, Hulsenboom, Belkom, Swart and Spierings. The first 3 are family names on my parents side and the last two are those on the side of my wife. The facts that I publish on the Internet are mostly about these names. For a full report on my findings you should look in "index op namen" The main tree's I also have on graphic format which you can find on the menu to the left.

Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. me if you can make my findings more complete. Please be as complete/accurate as possible.

Many thanks go to a lot of persons who reacted on these pages and gave lots of useful information. The list is to long to publish and I wouldn't like to forget someone, but special thanks go to relative R.L Onstenk from Australia who made the effort to send me a lot of information complete with photo's from a complete branch of my family who migrated to Australia. That's exactly what makes this fun.

According to privacy rules I only publish full findings about people who are at least passed away 20 years ago, or persons who allowed me to publish them. Are you still not satisfied please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.me and the findings will be screened.

I wish you much pleasure with these pages and would appreciate to hear from you.


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