Dear Andreas, I checked in at the Amsterdam Gemeentearchief this afternoon and found

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Dear Andreas, I checked in at the Amsterdam Gemeentearchief this afternoon and found the following: Bernardus Franciscus Antonius Swart and his wife Alida Geertruida Bredero lived in Amsterdam in the 1880 - 1890 period. I checked the "Bevolkingsregister" on their names (many Swarts) and found them in Deel 308B, folio 59. Since the fotofichewas hardly visible, I asked for the original book, which is filed under: Ringregister, archief 5006, number 284. Mr. Bernardus Swart and his wife lived in the Marnixstraat, housenumber 153. The following may be known already, I report it anyway for completeness sake: Bernardus Franciscus Antonius Swart, born 17 July 1845, Amsterdam, R.C.,Timmerman, Married 25 June 1879 at Utrecht. Moved to this address November 1883, moved to Prinsengracht 424, 5. July 1886. Alida Geertruida Bredero, born 19 March 1859 at Utrecht. Same address as above. In the house two sons: Johannes Gerardus Swart, born 15 August 1881 at Amsterdam and Joseph Maria Wilhelmus Swart, born 3 May 1884 at Amsterdam. I will do some further checking when I am in the neighborhood next time. Best regards, Ron (van Staveren). ook wel geboorted datum 7-3-1859 genoemd voor Alida Geertruida Bredero Familienherkunft: aus dem Stamme derer von Brederode. Wappen: Das urspüngliche Wappen der Herren von Teylingen war auch jenes der Herren von Brederode, die aus derselben Familie stammen. Im entsprechenden Dekret Karls V. vom 11. Mai 1535 wird das Wappen, das die Brederodezu führen hatten, wie folgt beschrieben: "D'or au lion de geules, arméeet lampassé d'azur, un lambel à trois pendants de meme, posé en chef". Dieses Wappen wurde von vielen Mitgliedern der Familie van Brederode (oderBredero) geführt.

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Alida Geertruida Bredero
March 19, 1859
162 Utrecht
3 February 25, 1925
96 65 Kevelaer
Thursday, September 2, 2004 9:20 PM
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